Confusion continues as Covid-19 disrupts the surrogacy service

It has been a year since the World Health Organization (WHO) had declared Covid-19 as a global pandemic. The disease continues to ravage throughout different parts of the world, but vaccines have been created to combat this deadly virus. Infection rates and death rates have continued to decrease since, but there is no clear indication when this pandemic would end. With the travel restrictions that United States have put out, it is impossible for many couples who utilize the surrogacy service to fly to the US and meet their baby. Many surrogate mothers are left stranded to care for the child without any form of assistance or prolonged compensation. 

Even if the parents are allowed to come into the country, they are at risk for potential covid-19 infection  as well as spreading it to the newborn. As of this time, it is unknown whether the newborn is susceptible to the virus. The surrogate mothers and the couples also face dilemma such as couples not being able to obtain a passport for the newborn due to offices closing as well as surrogate mothers not willing to give up the child as they have grown attached to the baby. The couples are also running low on the funds, so the children might not be able to be in the safe and competent hands of the nurses. 

On the bright side, many people around the world and US had received the vaccines, so it may be possible that in the near future, the travel restrictions would be rescinded. The parents would be able to come into the US and reunite with their children. Surrogate agencies and mothers could learn better how to take care of the children in the event of a future pandemic.