Full-Service Surrogacy Concierge Agency

Full-Service Surrogacy Concierge Agency

We will stand behind you through this beauitiful journey.

Surrogacy Concierge: CO-VID 19 Notice

We pride ourselves on treating all our clients as part of our extended family. We want you all to know that our staff stands with our clients during the CO-VID19 pandemic.
In order to combat this virus diligently and vigilantly, our office will be closed for the foreseeable future. However, our staff continues to work around the clock remotely to ensure that all our clients get the best attention and care we can provide during these trying times. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with each one of you, including your matches. We are committed to maintaining our operations and ensure that your surrogacy journey can continue to progress as effectively as possible. 
Throughout these difficult times, we want to remind our clients that there are still silver linings. Intended Parents and surrogates are still being matched and pregnancies are still being confirmed. We want to announce that last night our clients became proud parents of a healthy baby boy. He was born at 4:18am in the morning. The baby and surrogate are both recovering and healthy! 
Much Love, 
Surrogacy Concierge

Surrogacy Concierge


Surrogacy Concierge is California’s premier and exclusive one stop shop to your surrogacy and fertility needs, serving clients both domestically and internationally. Here at SC, we understand the complexities that can come with growing your family in a somewhat “non-traditional” manner and look to make this exciting venture effortless for you, our valued client. We will work hand-in-hand, guiding you throughout the process to ensure that your dream becomes our reality. With the full awareness that no two clients are the same, we tailor our services to fit our client’s personal and cultural needs.

At Surrogacy Concierge, we are in the business of service, we take pride in making the expansion of your family a memorable experience. We make it our mission to go beyond the medicine and technology that is generally associated with the surrogacy and fertility process. Our services include, but are not limited to: orchestrating your travel arrangements, providing you with lavish living spaces, extravagant dining experiences, chauffeurs, personal security, personal assistants, personal nurses, overseeing your surrogate, and access to our world class doctors, as well as our in-house attorneys who have over 16 years of combined experience in surrogacy and international family law; all while maintaining guaranteeing you the utmost privacy and confidentiality. At Surrogacy Concierge your wish is our command, as we aim to please. We have a number of packages, and no request is too big or small. For more information, feel free to contact us at any time at (626) 569-1813.

Why Surrogacy Concierge?

  • Diversity and inclusivity. Our staff come from diverse background. In addition to the understanding of your needs and preferences, we can speak different languages, including Chinese, Spanish and English. Moreover, we have experience working with parents from different communities, including but not limited to the LGBTQ community. Therefore, we have no cultural, social and linguistic barriers between our clients. 
  • Personalized package. We consider and prioritize your cultural and personal needs, and assist you to customize your own surrogacy plan. We want to make your journey comfortable and contented.
  • One-stop service. Sit back and let us take care of everything, including but not limited to accommodation, dining, entertainment, legal matter and surrogate or donor search.
  • Transparency and accountability. We list all the prices of our services and charge our clients accordingly. We are responsible and conscious of every single dollar that we spend.
  • High quality services. We collaborate with top fertility centers and excellent medical team. We have the network of surrogates and donors. We promise to provide you the best treatment and environment.
  • Experienced attorneys. Our attorneys specialize in family law. We will make the process easy and clear, and guide you through all the steps. We know how to protect your rights and privacy. We will take care of your legal concerns sedulously and professionally.
  • First-hand experience. Our founder, Evie Jeang, has the personal experience with surrogacy. She is considerate and attentive to the legal, cultural and financial hardships that intended parents may come across; thus, she is dedicated to provide the best option and suggestion of your surrogacy plan.


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Surrogacy Concierge is fantastic! The home is so comfortable and beautiful and Evie is so hospitable!

Shea R.

I loved staying in Pasadena! The Surrogacy Concierge team is so knowledgeable about the local area and made my stay fun, safe, and stress-free.

Alex G.

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