Traveling as a single parent may seem a bit daunting, however, is completely achievable and can be a rather enjoyable experience. Barcelona, for example, is a city full of history, modern attractions, and fortunately gelato, which makes it the perfect destination for single parents wanting to share the world with their children. During our stay, we walked along the boardwalk, engaged with the locals (despite the language barrier, children are great communicators), enjoyed the Spanish cuisine, and experienced Barcelona’s Pride celebration.

Attractions, such as La Sagrada Familia and architectural pieces by Antoni Gaudi, appeal to both children and adults. The unique architecture lures the eyes of all ages, while adults can also appreciate the historical and cultural aspects of the attractions. The city also offers a wide variety of food options, so picky eaters are easily accommodated. From traditional Spanish cuisine, to American burgers, hotpot, cafes and wine, Barcelona has got you covered.

Transportation is also quite effortless. Taxis are always available, and will usually take both cash and card. Just make sure you aren’t bringing any food into the vehicle, as the drivers seem to not appreciate children with gelato cups! One thing to note is that Uber is not available so taxis, busses, or walking are the main methods of getting around.

While traveling in an unknown city as a single parent can be intimidating, Barcelona is a friendly place with many opportunities.