The Surrogacy Loving Bond

Surrogacy relationships are magical and opportunity for growth for both the parents to-be and surrogate mothers. The happiness and love that grows from the surrogate relationship is important so the love can graciously pour into the baby as the baby continues to grow. The minds of both parents to be and surrogate mothers have to be similar so the growth of the relationship can continue to blossom.

Surrogates have many curious questions when it comes to surrogacy and the communication surrounding both loving parties:

How can a surrogate be in control of choosing her parents to-be? 

The surrogate mothers are the first priority. The surrogate mothers have the option to choose whom they would like to begin this beautiful and loving journey of motherhood. Surrogacy Concierge allows parents to-be access our database to search for their surrogate mothers to also start their journey. Once there is a match between the surrogate mother and parents to-be then both loving parties get to meet in person or via Skype.

The surrogate mothers will receive an introduction of the parents to-be to see whether the relationship can continue to grow. If the surrogate mothers love how the parents to be introduce themselves, the surrogate mother can continue the relationship or choose to decline and find another couple that meets her needs.  

How often will the communication be for surrogate mothers and parents to-be? 

The way a surrogate mother and parents to-be communicates is important to ask during the introductions. How often the surrogate mothers and parents to-be would like to communicate must be similar to help the relationship grow. Matching each other’s communication preferences is the beginning process to benefit each person in this bond. Surrogacy Concierge strives to strengthen this surrogate mother and parents to-be bonds by having a licensed therapist on staff to help with communication needs. 

How will the communication be like after I give birth to the parents to-be baby?

The therapist at Surrogacy Concierge will assist the surrogate mothers and parents to-be settle whether they would like to continue their bond after the birth of the baby. During the introductions of the parents to-be, communicating whether or not there should be everyday communication or minimal communication during the surrogacy is important. After the birth of the baby, the surrogate mother would know, with assistance of the therapist, if they will continue their relationship with the parents to-be. Surrogacy Concierge’s aims to smooth the transition of the surrogate mother and parents to-be relationship after the surrogate gives birth.