Surrogacy Laws around the World

Surrogacy laws vary as much as the people who use surrogacy as a process of creating a family. With that being said, laws around the globe are not entirely different but limited to partial acceptance and prohibition.
For instance, a recent amendment in Israel allowed single women to use surrogacy as a way to have a child, however, the law currently only allows the right to surrogacy for heterosexual individuals. It is crucial that we understand the disparate cultures of Israel and the U.S. in order to fairly judge the recent decisions.
We sat down with General Counsel of Surrogacy Concierge, LLC Matt Xie as a response to the current laws of Israel regarding surrogacy are a great demonstration of what surrogacy truly means.

Q. What might be the repercussions of these laws?

“As an attorney, I am always worried about precedent.  Precedents are past legal decisions that make up a body of law.  We are always looking at what type of effect will a decision have further down the line. My concerns, here, are with what type of tone is this amendment is going to set for the future of Israeli surrogacy law.  This one decision may have a lasting impact of exclusion of the LGBT community not only on present legal decisions, but also future legal decisions.

On the other hand, a positive I see with the new legislation is equality between men and women in the workplace.  This is something that I am also an advocate for. As a single mom who used surrogacy myself, I have always felt the pressure of having to choose between a family and my career.  Do I take months off my career while my male counterparts are gaining invaluable experience and higher salaries or do I continue to work and forego having a child? Now, single women in Israel are allowed to use surrogacy.  Having to decide between a family and a career is not longer as difficult with the possibility of using a surrogate ? a boon for equality between men and women.”

Q. What can this group of people do to propose change?

“I say continue voicing your opinions. I believe the da Vinci quote – ‘Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence’ – is relevant to the issue at hand.”

Q. What does that mean for surrogacy in the U.S.? More people coming here?

“While there is a slight net benefit to surrogacy in the U.S. as a result of Israel’s recent amendments on surrogacy law, I believe the multitude of bureaucratic hoops one must jump through in order to be approved for surrogacy in Israel will be a large factor in couples searching for opportunities outside of Israel.
The United States, especially California, will always remain one of the most desirable destinations for surrogacy.  California has some of the most liberal and accepting surrogacy laws, less stringent individual requirements, greater medical regulation and technology, and you cannot beat the weather and beaches.”
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